Review by Maurizio Scoglio

Sometimes before you go out for at night, you have some preconceptions about what to expect. You think about the places you want to go to and what you want them to be like. Well if you’ve ever been getting ready on a Friday night to go to a place where the bar is filled with people looking to start the weekend in the best way, Kevin Nolan’s music is what you would expect to hear when you walk in.

This is an artist that sings with a soulful edge and whilst the lyrics of his songs tell some personal stories, they are stories that are common to a lot of people. Kevin draws upon experiences that he has faced whether they have been challenges or triumphs and captures those feelings through his harmonies and words.

These songs are more about learning than the journey, giving you almost an inside look into some of his experiences. With influences from Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan these tracks communicate his stories through a husky tone and some great rhythm sections.

Kevin’s first release is a worthy addition to any play list and is also one artist to look out for in the Brisbane music scene.