Review by Beach Sloth

Sung straight from the heart is Kev Nolan’s “From Out of Nowhere”. With stories populating the songs reflecting on everything from relationships to missed opportunities, Kev Nolan sings with honesty.

Carefully woven together the album tells the tale of a person’s life. Arrangements are just right tapping into country, rock, with a classic timeless sort of sound. Throughout it all Kev Nolan’s reassuring voice serves as the center of the piece with the rest revolving around ever so gracefully.

Longing pours from the epic sweeping “Every Time We Meet”. Romantic to its core the song sprawls out brilliantly as the colorful soaring guitars work to create a swirling sea of sound.

Comforting to its core is the tender sound of “Claudia You’re Family”. Full of love and care, the song focuses on a person growing older, evolving and becoming a cherished member of an entire family’s life.

By far the highlight of the collection is the rollicking “NoFalling In Love”. Once more, Kev Nolan’s lyrics serve as the main attraction of the collection as it grows in scope and intensity, showing off Kev Nolan’s wilder impulses.

Possessing a satisfying build is the defiant “While There’s Blood InMy Veins”.

Easily the most tragic song is “Life’s Regrets” whose intense introspective approach works wonders as a litany of life’s losses are listed off, one after another.

Accessible and intimate, Kev Nolan’s “From Out of Nowhere” is an inviting perfect kind of pop album.