Interview with Excalibur

When you first sat in your bedroom, strumming your guitar, apart from Dylan, who were the artists you were influenced by and wanted to emulate?

I listened to a lot of Pearl Jam & Nirvana in my late teens, prior to that it was Eric Clapton, Billy Joel & even some Neil Diamond snuck in there.

Starting off in covers bands, did you see yourself still treading the boards?

This phase of my musical evolution has really just snuck up on me. I was helping my daughter write some songs & it just started flowing. I found that every time I sat down to write, a song would just flow out. That’s a great place to be for a songwriter. From there it was an easy choice for my new Album’s name, as these songs simply came “ From Out Of Nowhere”

At what point did you see yourself making a career out of making music?

When I was 19 I had a friend called Dave Cannon, he had a nice secure job in a bank. We met up for beers one Friday afternoon and Dave announced that he was quitting to play music full time. This blew my mind as Dave explained “We can do anything we want, we are the masters of our own destiny” This was a lightbulb moment & I soon followed Dave.

Throughout your time in Spain what local music grabbed your attention?

There are 2 latin bands that I love, Mana, a Mexican rock band with an incredible lead singer with a beautiful Gypsy voice, Fher Olivera can bend a note & break you heart like no other.
The other band is Jarabe De Palo, they have this incredible soothing sound that leaves you feeling that everything is going to be OK.

You obviously gained and retained many close friends during your time there. Do you plan to return soon?

We have kept our Family home on the beach in Marbella, Spain will always hold a special place in our hearts, love the people & their culture. My goal is to live the eternal summer between Oz & Spain.

Back in Brisbane, you knuckled down with Beserker to produce ‘From Out of Nowhere’. Can you tell us a little about that experience?

The story is quite amazing & it’s a tale of talent & technology. I’m in Brisbane, Alex is in Mexico, my drummer is in Texas, Keyboard play is in New Jersey. So it’s an international collaboration to build a sound over the internet. Alex brings all the sounds together in his studio in Mexico & adds his musical magic. The guy is a phenomenal musician.

Do you consciously try and ‘theme’ a collection of tracks such as ‘From Out of Nowhere’?

No real theme I’m afraid, it’s a mixed bag of writing what ever flows at the time & choosing the best tracks. I’m at the mercy of the musical gods as to what they channel through me. I’m happy to take what I’m given & hope like hell that the tap does not turn off.

The song ‘Claudia You’re Family’ is obviously a very personal song, from a tough experience. Can you tell us a little bit about its origins?

While living in Spain, Claudia & her family were very close friends of ours. Claudia & my daughter Sofia grew up together, and her dad Patrick & I were best friends. I woke up one morning to the news that Claudia was the victim of a hit & run & my heart was rocked. It was really touch & go for her for a while, but this kid fought like hell, she was going anywhere. I happy to say she is mending well. She just had another operation & is on holiday visiting her dad in Spain. So all good.

2016, Brisbane, new album. What’s next for Kev Nolan?

My focus is on more music, the next album is already in planning & i’m writing new songs. The second album will be funded by a crowdfunding campaign, keep an eye out for that. I’m on the hunt for a band to play some live shows later this year. In the meantime some solo gigs will come soon.

In a parallel universe, where you could play in any band, which one would you choose?

Powder Finger!!! A very Aussie answer. These guys have been a huge influence on me since being back in Australia. Although they broke up years ago, to me they are one of the great Australian bands.

Again, in that parallel universe, which song do you wish you had written yourself?

I’m listening to a lot of James bay & a bit of Sam Smith lately, so it’s a dead heat at the moment between Scars by James Bay or I’m not the only one by sam Smith.

Finally, where do you see your career standing in 2020?

I’ll be on Album no 4 & doing the festival circuit in Australia. My life off will be spent in Spain. This is what I call living the Bernard Fanning lifestyle.