In My Words

I’m sitting on my north facing balcony at home in Toowong. It’s a Monday morning in June & the winter sun is steaming in & I’m gladly soaking up the rays. Life is pretty good, Beautiful wife & great kids & I’ve just finished my new album “From Out Of Nowhere” It’s aptly named, because 18 months ago I wasn’t really writing any music, I hadn’t done for a long time. I’d returned to Australia a few years ago after 18 years in Spain & on my wish list was to pick up my guitar and start playing again. My daughter Sofia was dabbling in writing a few songs & I guess that was the spark that started the flow.

On our family holiday driving to Sydney I packed a little nylon string Yamaha guitar, which I had bought for my son Danny. The guitar cost $80, there was no room for my Maton, so the Basher would have to do. The first song that flowed was called “It’s only five minutes away” A fantastic song to sing your kids when they asked “Are we there yet” This song went on to morph into “You Make My Heart Beat This way” about my wife Maria.

After our holiday the songs just kept flowing & still do. I started using Garageband on my Mac & then progressed to finding other musicians on a website called Fiverr. Found a great keyboard player in Delaware, good drummer in Texas, bass player in Florida.

My best internet find by far has been Alex Berserker, a producer who lives in Mexico & plays a pretty mean guitar. Alex produces all genres of music & goes under the name of Silverfox for his electronic music. Finding a guy like this is rare, he is instrumental is shaping a sound & giving direction to a song. Alex is an incredibly gifted musician who plays drums, keyboards, bass, rhythm & lead guitar.

From Out Of Nowhere has been shaped & crafted with the help of several musicians, Louise Doresman, Jason Meekins, Jim Gambino & Lee Marc. A big thank you to all of you.

From Out Of Nowhere is a gift to all of you who wish to grab my free downloads, I will be calling in a favor from you soon enough. My second album is well into planning with many songs ready for recording, it will be funded by an upcoming crowdfunding campaign which will be coming to a screen near you very soon.