“Every Time We Meet”

‘Every Time We Meet’ is the first single to be released from Kevin Nolan’s much anticipated Album ‘From Out of Nowhere’.

The song is yet another emotional and heartfelt single from the well known classic rock singer.

Kev is no stranger to exploring emotional depth within his music and this track is a beautiful reflection of his songwriting abilities. When first picking up a guitar as a teenager with no formal training, it is clear that Kev has grown comfortably into writing emotional, poetic pieces of music that are receiving the admiration and success they deserve.

When talking about the evolution of this album and his natural songwriting abilities, Kev said: “This phase of my musical evolution has really just snuck up on me. I found that every time I sat down to write, a song would just flow out”

“That’s a great place to be for a songwriter. From there it was an easy choice for my new Album’s name, as these songs simply came ‘From Out Of Nowhere’.”

The album ‘From Out of Nowhere’ allows the listener to transcend the mundane and travel to places they normally wouldn’t with ease. His mature lyrics have a message for every audience as he relates to his music with story teller fashion and a universally appealing sound.

With an intense, seasoned voice he takes us through a variety of emotions with this Album. He manages to do this with grace and integrity. There is an obvious warmth that invites the listener in and also allows them to share personal experiences with. Getting to know a friend.

Kev describes Brisbane as his musical spiritual home and alongside producer Alex Berserker his music has been brought to new heights here. The move back to his homeland inspired a range of new, heartfelt songs that make up the enticing new album and perfectly fit the Australian landscape.

Other tracks on the album include the acclaimed ‘Claudia You’re Family’, which he completed after returning to Australia after eighteen years of living in Spain. Everyone is looking forward to the release of more soulful music from this modern Bob Dylan. His latest single ‘Every Time We Meet’ does not disappoint with this natural comparison!

No doubt there is much more to come from this successful, magnetic artist.

For more information on this multi-talented artist log onto www.kevnolanmusic.com or www.soundcloud.com/kevnolan

‘Every Time We Meet’ is released on 15th of August 2016 and available from Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & many other outlets.

“From Out Of Nowhere” Album Launch is on 15th of September 2016.