“Claudia You’re Family”

Album: From Out Of Nowhere

Single: Claudia You’re Family

By Kev Nolan


Classic rock singer-songwriter Kev Nolan returns with a brand new album From Out Of Nowhere and the hauntingly emotive single, Claudia You’re Family.

Returning to Australia after 18 years of living in Spain, Kev once again uses his intense, smokey vocals to bring us his best work yet.


Late last year, Kev woke to the devastating news that his close family friends’ daughter, Claudia Visser, had been involved in a hit and run. Things were touch and go for a while but Claudia bravely fought through and thankfully is on the road to recovery.

Written straight from the soul and with beautiful authenticity, Claudia You’re Family expresses a moment in life where your heart stops and time stands still.


Working from what he calls his “musical spiritual home” in Brisbane with producer Alex Berserker has brought Kev’s music to new heights. The move back to his homeland inspired a range of new, heartfelt songs that make up the enticing new album and perfectly fit the Australian landscape.


Kev’s desire to explore and understand the pure emotion behind music began in his teens when he first picked up a guitar. With no formal training and a plethora of covers behind him, he soon found that his passion lay in songwriting and From Out Of Nowhere showcases this unique talent in one powerful musical experience.


While living in Spain Kev’s family spent a lot of time with Patrick Visser and Simone Southall, Claudia’s parents. Their daughters were best friends and the family hold a permanent place in the Nolan hearts.  Claudia You’re Family is not only a tribute to their special bond but an apt introduction to an album driven by honesty, emotion and musical integrity.


And the song sums it up simply: “That’s when you know there’s some bonds you can’t break, they’re etched in your heart, their part of your DNA.”

Claudia You’re Family from the newly released album From Out Of Nowhere by Kev Nolan is out now.




No doubt there is much more to come from this successful, magnetic artist.

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‘Claudia You’re Family’ is released on 10th of August 2016 and available from Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & many other outlets.

“From Out Of Nowhere” Album Launch is on 15th of September 2016.